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Working together to make things easier for Oklahoma’s children, youth and families with
 behavioral health experiences.
A partnership to serve Oklahoma families

The Children’s Behavioral Health Network (CBHN) is an initiative co-led by  the Oklahoma Family Network, NAMI Oklahoma , Oklahoma Families Federation, and Parent Helping Parents to develop an effective statewide behavioral support network for children, youth, young adults and their families.

The mission of the Children's Behavioral Health Network


To connect families with children experiencing behavioral health and/or substance abuse concerns to provide opportunities for improving lives through support, education, resources, and advocacy.

The Children’s Behavioral Health Network is an initiative co-led by the Oklahoma Family Network, NAMI Oklahoma, Parent Helping Parents, and the Oklahoma Families Federation to develop an effective statewide behavioral support network for children, youth, young adults and their families.

CBHN Member Organizations
CBHN Member Organizations

Contact Information

Phone: 405-271-5072 or 877-871-5072

Mailing Address

PO Box 21072
Oklahoma City, OK 73156

Physical address

800 NE 15th Street, Suite 316
Oklahoma City, OK  73104



​​The Oklahoma Family Network provides emotional support, information, training, and opportunities for advocacy and leadership to families.

Parent-to-Parent Support - Matching families with similar experiences for emotional      support.

Connections to

       Community Resources

       Family Support Hotline

       Financial Resources

       Providers prepared to care for your child

       Support Groups for parents and for siblings of children with special needs


Training - including leadership and advocacy


Opportunities for advocacy and partnering with those who serve your child

Joining Forces - supporting  family/professional partnerships, leadership institutes and annual conference

Regional Facebook Groups

Quarterly Newsletter

Oklahoma Family Network

Contact Information

Phone: 405-601-8283

or 1-800-583-1264



3812 N Santa Fe Ave

Suite 305
Oklahoma City, OK 73118



The National Alliance on Mental Illness of Oklahoma (NAMI Oklahoma) provides support, advocacy opportunities and education for parents and peers.

NAMI Connections - weekly  recovery support group for people living with mental illness

NAMI Family Support Group - for caregivers, spouses, and others that have a loved one with a mental health condition


NAMI Smarts for Advocacy - free training to help individuals prepare a two-minute, compelling personal story that can be adapted and used to advocate in numerous ways


NAMI Family-to-Family -12-week course for families, partners and friends of those with mental illness

NAMI Basics  - 6-week course for families of children with mental illness

In Our Own Voice - Insight for hope and recovery for those with mental illness


NAMI Ending the Silence - Students learn indicators and symptoms of mental illness so they can help others

Resource/Helpline - link Oklahoman's to resources throughout the state

NAMI Oklahoma

Contact Information

Phone: 405-562-0946

Text: 405-696-HELP(4357)




Parents Helping Parents, Inc. provides education, resources, shared experience and support to parents whose children, no matter the age, are struggling with substance use disorder


Support Meetings for parents and family members featuring speakers, resources and opportunities to share experiences and information. Help for initiating such meetings.

Parent Peer Coach Program that matches parents whose children are struggling with trained, experienced parent peers for toll-free, anonymous coaching sessions.

Website and E-mail Newsletter with information about meeting details, recovery resources and strategies, and advocacy opportunities to provide more recovery funding.

Speakers Bureau with spokespersons for presentations about the scope of substance use disorders and best practices for prevention and recovery.


Contact Information for local, regional and national professionals and organizations known for reliable, dependable support and services related to substance use disorders.

Parents Helpig Parents

Oklahoma Families Federation connects and educates families with children and youth who have mental health conditions.

Contact Information

Phone: (405) 626-1005


Oklahoma Families Federation
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